Lacking a Solid Onboarding Program

  • Training alone is not sufficient to ensure a candidate’s success. You must have a clearly defined onboarding program as well. Hiring managers may sometimes feel that their job is done once a new employee is hired and starts his or her new job. However, an orientation and training program to help them settle into their new positions is very important.
  • Giving new hires a head start can have a direct, positive impact on employee satisfaction – and your bottom line. Outlining specific duties and clarifying when and if miscellaneous duties may occur, will make employees feel engaged. Then, they are more likely to be productive and successful in their roles. Employees who are coached at the beginning stages of a new role will contribute more to the team and reach their peak potential sooner.
  • Developing this process will help new employees get up to speed faster, lessen miscommunications, and help them understand their strengths and limitations. Also, they will learn how to adapt their work styles to fit in with new team members and managers.
  • Making the right hiring decision always begins by having a well-developed process. By avoiding the key hiring mistakes outlined above, you can better inform your hiring decisions and hire right the first time. Small companies that find the right candidates, see the specific behaviors and contributions necessary to deliver results. Improve your hiring practice today and you can build a productive, effective team for your organization.
  • Source: https://www.calipercorp.com/10-common-hiring-mistakes/