Annual Picnic


Why host a company picnic?

The benefits of hosting a company picnic last far beyond a single day of warm weather, great food and smiling faces. Your employees remember what you did for them, and will take their happy memories with co-workers with them long after the party is over.

Some only see company picnics as an expense, but when you really think about what they can do for you and your employees, it makes the investment worthwhile. Here are eight benefits to hosting a company picnic this (and every) year.

Encourage Departmental Integration

While some of the other reasons on this list might come to mind first, this reason for hosting a company picnic is essential in today’s world. Picnics and parties will help integrate your company, regardless of your employees’ position or disposition. Conversations (and/or introductions, in some cases) will help others respect various people’s responsibilities and roles within the company. A company picnic may change your employees’ outlooks and, in some cases, it may change your own perspective on some of your (or your employees’) work and responsibilities.

Strengthen Teamwork

The better your employees get to know each other, the easier it can be for them to ask the right questions, give understandable feedback and possibly streamline certain processes. The more teamwork your company can display, the more efficient you will be as a company. This can be an excellent way to save money!

Boost Employees’ Morale

Of course, this is the one benefit most people associate with company picnics and parties in general. Picnics are an excellent means for rejuvenating and motivating people (and employees) with a much needed break. The casual, fun, exciting yet relaxed picnic atmosphere does good things for motivating folks.

Show Your Commitment and Appreciation

A day designated solely for recognizing your employees and having fun will go a long way in the appreciation of your staff. We have seen firsthand how thankful a workforce can be with picnic staff and service people, and that gratitude stems from the appreciation they have for the bosses and people in charge of signing off on the picnic.

Learn New Things About Your Staff

When you host a picnic with activities and fun, you are setting yourself up to learn a few things about yourself and your staff members. Not only will you find out about their personality traits, quirks, senses of humor and talents that you might not have known about before, but your staff members will also be learning the same things about you and their co-workers. This builds camaraderie, trust and friendship.

Show Family Support

When your staff sees and experiences your genuine interest in their personal and family lives (by inviting spouses and children to the annual company picnic) they are likely to be more thankful to have you as their boss.

Share Important Information

Do you have exciting news to share? Is someone retiring? Did someone reach a certain milestone within the company? The company picnic is a great time to share this information, addressing everyone at once and giving you the opportunity to get everyone excited about a major announcement—such as a new company website.

Have fun!

All work and no play makes the workplace a dull place and is no way for a workforce to operate. We think most companies understand that. Sometimes you just need to get everyone together for more than making money and driving profit. You need to keep the fun around the office, warehouse or job-site alive and well.

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