Small Business Tips

Challenges We Face As Small Business Owners


Hiring new employees means your business is thriving and that is a good thing. But, hiring is not easy.  In fact, it is one of the many challenges we face as a small business.  The wrong choice can cost you, on average, $20,000 per employee; and that number doesn’t even reflect the potential damage to your company’s reputation and credibility.  Not to mention destroying employee morale.  Make the selection wisely to continue to pursue business growth while providing a positive work experience for the entire team.


Hiring “what comes along”

The traditional recruiting and hiring process is based on a faulty selection model. When you run traditional classified ads or hold job fairs, you create what’s referred to in the research world as “selection bias”. This process biases the outcome of your search.  You get to hire only the people who come along, narrowing your selection pool immensely.  Other options to cast a wider net, may include online job boards, or LinkedIn.  These can be fantastic ways to find people.  Utilize your website too.  Ask around to your contacts in industry groups and the local chamber of commerce.  Consider whether it might be faster and easier to hire a recruiter to find good candidates.  These companies have the resources to “vet” the candidate thoroughly.

Thinking Experience Always Counts

What if twelve years of experience is really just one year of bad experience warmed over a dozen times? Consider that effective hiring has less to do with experience than with that candidate’s potential.

Depending on the experience a resume indicates, chances are you will still likely hire someone who is not ideally and inherently suited for the position. Surveys show these grim statistics: most people are not impassioned about what they are doing on the job. This is not surprising.  If they don’t love what they do they are not motivated. Why? Because the role they are in doesn’t allow them to play to their strengths.