Community Spotlight-Keeping it in the Family

Recently, I came across this post on Facebook…

“Day 1.

Today I started my 9th year in teaching, but today I started a new adventure.

Let me give you a back story. Growing up, I attended the Parkview School District. I was able to be in the same building as my mom, then was transferred to a different school in the district and was able to have my grandma as my 1st grade teacher. My papa & grandma both taught at this school. My grandparents retired and my mom got my grandma’s 1st grade position. Let’s now fast forward. As many if you know, after 35 years of teaching, my mom decided to retire. It was a long thought out decision between me and my husband, but I decided to apply for my mom’s position. It was a very hard decision, but we wanted to do what was best for our family and this option was it!!

I am happy to say I am starting my 9th year of teaching as a 3rd generation 1st grade teacher in my family in the Parkview School District.

Here’s to the 2020-2021 school year and I am so excited! My kids are too because they know I get to be at their school.” by Laura Marie

Which I thought was super cool, so I contacted her and learned:

So, here we have Great Grandma Mildred, Sandra, Vicki & Laura Marie.

Four, count ’em, four generations!

Thank You So Much Lapel Pin With Presentation Card

We are so fortunate to have such amazing people in our awesome community!

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